XMAS 12: Faithfull Shovel

Christmas is upon us and at TuffTools.com we have a great range of Christmas offers. Over the last few weeks, we have been showing you our ‘Top 4′ products in our Christmas range. We are finally at the week you have all been waiting for, Number 1! So this week is Number 1 in our ‘Top 4′ chart…

Faithfull Shovel

This is our Number 1 in our ‘Top 4′ chart, the XMS12SHOVEL Faithfull Steel Shovel. Prepare for the potential snow this Christmas with this folding steel shovel from Faithfull.

This Faithfull shovel folds neatly for ideal storage in a vehicle boot, shed or garage. It can be used as a shovel, pick or trenching shovel with the ability of the movable locking handle and head.
The shovel is manufactured using strong tubular steel with a heat treated carbon steel blade. This makes the shovel lightweight yet very strong and durable. It is ideal for digging, levelling ground, removing rubble, post hole digging or scraping with its serrated edge.

The shovel is easy to use with its simple ‘twist and tighten’ system making it quick and easy to assemble for use or to fold away for storage. Just loosen the collar lock, move into the required position and then tighten the collar to lock into place. Reverse the procedure to fold.

The shovel is supplied with a vinyl storage pouch, which is fitted with an integral back loop that can be attached to any belt or backpack, making it perfect for outdoor events.

Unfolded: 570mm (22.½ inch).
Folded: 230mm (9 inch).

For more information on the XMS12SHOVEL Faithfull Shovel Faithfull Shovel, please click on the picture or even contact us at: sales@tufftools.com.