Makita DHR263ZJ Rotary Hammer Drill

Makita have released yet another rotary hammer Drill. This comes in the form of the DHR263ZJ.

It is powered by not just one but two powerful 18v batteries. This is great for powering the impressive 36V DC motor drive system. The Hammer Drill can even be used with two different batteries (e.g. one 3Ah and 4Ah), because the machine will only stop when the battery with less capacity gets empty. A battery capacity warning lamp is also in place so low batteries are easily identifiable.

The drill is fairly light at 4.7kg which makes it perfect for handling and manoeuvrability. The handle is soft grip for added comfort.

The hammer drill also comes with the standard LED job light which provides a pre-glow and afterglow facility. There are no draw backs as regards the choice of settings for this hammer drill. It features three different modes of operation, these being; rotation and hammering, hammering only and rotation only – you can also choose between 40 different bit-angle settings.

The drilling depths are as follows for:
Concrete: 26mm
Steel: 13mm
Wood: 32mm.

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