XMAS 12: Lighthouse Extender Torch

Christmas is nearly upon us and at TuffTools.com we have a great range of Christmas offers. Over the next few weeks, we will be showing you our ‘Top 4′ products in our Christmas range. This week is Number 4 in our ‘Top 4′ chart…

Lighthouse Double Extender Torch

This is Number 4 in our ‘Top 4′ chart, the XMS12EXTEND Lighthouse Double Extender Torch.

The new Lighthouse Double Extender rechargeable torch serves many functions in one. The torch head has 2 modes; either a spotlight or a 3 LED flashing red safety light. The torch has a swivel head, which means that it can be angled to provide light in the right place.

In addition, the torch can be extended at each end, with each end providing 15 lumens of light, meaning it can provide either a 15 or 30 lumen flood light.

The light is free-standing allowing hand-free use. It also has a magnetic bottom, so that it can be securely attached to metal objects.

For more information on these XMS12EXTEND Lighthouse Double Extender Torch, please click on the picture or even contact us at: sales@tufftools.com.

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