XMAS 12: Energizer Batteries

Christmas is nearly upon us and at TuffTools.com we have a great range of Christmas offers. Over the next few weeks, we will be showing you our ‘Top 4′ products in our Christmas range. This week is Number 2 in our ‘Top 4′ chart…

Energizer Batteries

This is Number 2 in our ‘Top 4′ chart, the XMS12ENGAA and XMS12ENGAAA Energizer Batteries both in packs of 24. Prepare for all those childrens toys this Christmas and stock up on these battery packs! Everyone needs batteries at Christmas!

Both these Energizer AA & AAA batteries are general purpose batteries ideal for toys and games, remote controls, flashlights and smoke detectors, etc. The Power Seal technology ensures that the batteries are long lasting and have a long shelf life, of up to 10 years. Both these AA & AAA Cell batteries come in a 100% extra free pack, giving 24 batteries for the price of 12.

For more information on both these XMS12ENGAA and XMS12ENGAAA Energizer Batteries, please click on the picture or even contact us at: sales@tufftools.com.

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